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Birthdays / Sweet 16/ Quinceaneras / Bar & Bat Mitzvahs

We have done birthdays for all ages. No matter what age group or type of birthday party you or throwing, (Sweet 16, Quinceanera, Bar / Bat Mitzvah, or other) we’ve got you covered. We do great with young crowds, as we look very young ourselves (we are in our early to mid-30s). We are very current and have all the new music out. We know exactly what young age groups are listening to (and parents - we have all clean versions available by request!) But our appreciation and vast knowledge of all older types of music make us capable of doing a birthday of any age. We have done birthday parties for people in their 80s, 90s, and even 100 that were wildly successful. Our music library spans the last century, so no matter what age group, type of birthday party, or style of music you are seeking... we’ve got it all covered. We have activities and games for children’s parties, and great dance music for teens and adults. When it comes to dancing, we rock the party! For Spanish parties we have a huge library of Spanish songs of all styles. Our club lights & lasers make a wonderful addition to any birthday party, you can view pictures and videos on our gallery page. We also have other add-ons you can utilize, including uplights, large screen & projector, bubble blasting machine, and karaoke.

Karaoke Parties

If you are looking to have your own private karaoke party, or want to include karaoke at an upcoming event of yours, you have come to the right place. You may be wondering how to even go about doing this. I’ve had people contact us asking if we rent out karaoke machines. In the modern age, karaoke is all done on a computer. Don’t waste your time trying to find a karaoke machine and aquiring a bunch of karaoke CDs which you will then have to sift through endlessly as your singers await, only to end up not having most of the songs people want to sing anyway. Sounds like a big headache. JUST HIRE US INSTEAD! We come complete with efficient knowledge of how to do it all, as well as a massive library of karaoke including just about anything anyone would ever want to sing. We are excellent hosts as the MC, announcing each singer and seeing them off the “stage”. We have had multiple steady karaoke gigs at bars, clubs, and restaurants, and also performed karaoke at countless private parties. We have a great deal of experience. We have all the equipment needed, including wireless mics. And when you hire us for karaoke, we come complete with regular music as well. So in between singers we can play music, and if there are no singers for a period of time we can play music. And if you want to have a party that includes karaoke, but is not strictly karaoke, we will be there with great music for people to party to. We also have lights and a number of other add-ons available for your event. See our gallery for some pictures and video.

Bars & Clubs

Looking for a DJ for a bar or a club you own? Want to try and see if having a DJ brings more people in? We can assure you, it does! We have had residencies at a number of different bars and clubs, either DJing regular music, or doing karaoke, or both of them within the same time frame. This still applies of you are not a bar or club owner but are renting one out for a certain event you are doing. We can play music of any type from any time period, we can do karaoke, and we have club lights & lasers available too (as well as many other optional add-ons, view our gallery for pics & videos).

Corporate / Company Parties & Events

We have done countless events for small companies as well as big corporations. Whether it is a full-blown holiday party, a conference or convention, a grand opening of a new business, or just background music... or even if you just need a PA system to make your announcements, we’ve got it covered. We’ve done it all, there is no job too big or too small. We have a projector and large screen available for your presentations. We can also provide lighting of different types, karaoke, and more. Contact us for all of your company functions and needs.

Holiday Parties

Whether you need a DJ for a Christmas party, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, or any other holiday, we’ve got you covered. We have all appropriate music for any given holiday, and a huge selection of music overall. We can fulfill needs for any sort of holiday party. We have lighting of different types available, as well as karaoke, a projector and large screen for any sort of presentation. View our gallery for photos and videos.

School Functions / Graduation Parties

We have provided DJ services for high school graduations, college graduations, and spevial graduations from various types of trade schools. We have also done proms, school dances, and other miscelaneous school functions. We are in high demand for parties with younger crowds, because we are very young looking ourselves (in our early to mid-30s). We are very up on current music, and we have all of the new music out right now. We have club lights & lasers available, which are always great for any party of this nature. We also have other add-ons such as uplights, karaoke, a large screen and projector, a bubble blasting machine, and several other things. See our gallery for photos and videos of these add-ons.

Latin Music

We have fully bilingual Spanish DJs available, able to do your announcements in both languages if necessary. All types of Spanish music is available for all events, including Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton, and more. We are working on a full Spanish conversion of this site, which will be available soon.

All Other Events

Some other types of events we do are anniversaries, reunions and retirements. We can also provide sound systems for any other type of event you may need it for, even if it is not listed on this site. We have lighting available as well, and a projector and large screen to do video displays of any sort. Basically, we can cover any type of event with audio, video, lighting and etc. Contact us about your specific needs and we will get back to you.

Audio Services / PA Systems / Sound Engineering

In addition to our DJ services, we can also be the “sound guy” for your event involving singers and instruments. We have microphones and PA systems readily available. We are trained audio engineers with much experience mixing in the recording studios and producing albums for artists, as well as our own original music. We can provide the sound system for your band, singers, or multiple acts within the same event. We have wireless mics, reverb, stage monitors... and mastery with mixing it all together professionally.

Lighting & Various Additions to Our Service

As we have mentioned previously in the events sections, we have many add-ons that can be utilized for your event. We have uplighting that we can do in any color or 2-color combination. We have amazing nightclub-style lights & lasers, that dance around the room to the beat of the music. Incorporate our fog machines with that and you can actually see the hundreds of beams of light in the air... it is quite impressive. These are all professional-grade lights, not consumer-grade. We also have a projector and large screen available for doing any presentations you like, playing music videos, or VJing. We have a bubble blasting machine that shoots hundreds of bubbles into the air rapidly. Can make a great addition for weddings, kids parties, and other events. Contact us with any inquiries about adding any of this to your event.